Bremkens Orchids Live on PAT                                   

The company Bremkens is successfully live on PAT. The Go Live is realized as planned. Our special thanks to the Bremkens Team for the good and pleasant cooperation.

Bremkens said: At go live all our processes are running. Our customers did not even notice that we switched to PAT. We had other experiences in the past with other systems.

Click here for a video of Bremkens

With the help of PAT, Bremkens runs their processes more effective, easy and integrated. Some highlights:

  • Prognosis, purchase and delivery of tissue culture and creating of production out of deliveries
  • Make use of scanners and PAT Mobile in production
    • Scan trays on tables + check on space
    • Move tables in greenhouses
    • Check location and batch information
    • Perform quality checks and edit batches
    • Gap up and register loss
  • Sort and transplant supporting the sorting machine
  • Match production batches to order lines on table level
  • Container loading with container labels
  • Check deliveries with help of scanning
  • Availability
  • And much more..